What is BladeRubber.net?

BladeRubber.net — is a table tennis equipment database. The difference to other sites out there is that we rely not only on user reviews and ratings, but also on AI to categorize, process and display information.

Our goal is to simplify the process of selecting and researching table tennis equipment with the help of AI technologies and improved rating system.

While we are working on our DB and collecting information about all possible table tennis blades and rubbers, you can help us a lot by submitting a review.

The Latest Picks

Browse the top new blades and rubbers recently published in our table tennis database

Our Roadmap

As you can see, the application is still in the early stages of active development. We are currently working on collecting and categorizing information. The plan is:

  1. Collect all existing information about table tennis blades and rubbers on the Internet
  2. Enhance this information with highly detailed table tennis equipment photos
  3. Add the ability for users to leave reviews and ratings
  4. Implement our unique rating system that eliminates misalignment and makes the process and ratings as objective as possible

Get Notified of New Equipment and Reviews

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